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Saturday, May 31, 2003

note to self: never wear flip-flops to a nuthouse... 

some days are just great from beginning to end. today was one of those days. breakfast with my girls (Alexia and Brooke). solid meetings. good productivity. star sighting: got to meet gwenyth paltrow and the guys from coldplay (well shared the hallway...) and then hours of good conversation.

the day ended (when the evening began) at La Bodeguita. I love this restaurant. it is my bar. Laura made me their new drink, a KLP. delicious! sweet, creamy and ooooh so potent. If they'll make it for you, this is a must have!

I met three old friends at la bod: nico, ri ri and chris (ben, french where were you? DP: you must get well) there is something special about getting to spend time with boys. they give you perspective. they share insight. they listen to your silly stories of meaningless crushes, they share their stories. they give you the most valuable insights -- without the fluff. without the detail. We talked about women and men. Why do women remember all the details? How long should you wait? is it all a game? YES. it is all strategy. a dance of offense against defense against *coolness*. 5 hours later it is almost 3 a.m. I'm just getting home. i'm tired, i'm happy. sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.