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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

shiver yer timbers  

Johnny the love Pirate

I think it's pretty funny that the official "talk like a pirate day" is being held on my birthday, Sept. 19th. For details, should you want to partake in this inanity, visit:

Monday, April 26, 2004

favorites: rolly polly fish heads 

Ask a Fish head
Anything you want to
They won't answer
They can't talk

I have loved this song forever. Check out the lyrics.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

sickness = capitol N, small y, big fucking Q! 

i have a cold. i am denying that this cold exists in my body by partying late last night, running around today and working out. How am I able to do these things? Meds. Meds. Meds. Where would we be without NyQuil? and the all important counterpart, DayQuil? What exactly is a Quil? ...

anyways, check out this blog story: Capitol N, Small Y, Big Fucking Q!
it brings back fond memories of a slumber party at my house many years ago....thanks to carch's memorable shouts for NyQ.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Freehand Mg 

i want one. just to have.

the above is the low-tech version which will take you back about $5.00. The Mg, now that begs the question:

Would You Pay $400 for a Yo-Yo?

going pro: andre iguodala (24)  

one of my favorite AZ players is leaving to go pro, even though he has two years of eligibility left. it's a bummer. Josh Childress, one of my favorite Stanford players, is also heading out. Although he hasn't signed with an agent, so it looks like he's at least keeping his options open.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

nature in action  

i thought it was interesting that in the latest edition of nature they are talking about the first mice born from maternal DNA (not everyone needs a dad) AND the science of internet dating.

the mice thing is kinda freaky. as the article says, "From time immemorial, making a mammalian baby has involved two essential ingredients: eggs and sperm." Of course, it took many failures to get these maternal mice. But i liked this quote, "Some might say that Kaguya [the mouse] is living proof of men's futility, in the baby-making stakes at least." I don't think men will become irrelevent, they are just too much fun to have around. But, in the case of that's a whole different story ;-)

To read the entire article click here.

On the other side, the internet dating article wasn't as interesting as i expected. "The analysis, revealed intriguing differences between real-life romance and the virtual version. In normal friendships and courting, for example, people tend to gravitate towards their own type; like movie stars, popular folk hang out with other well-liked friends or lovers. .... in an online environment, well-connected people are less selective."[1]

and that's supposed to encourage one to date online? less selectivity? that seems like the downside of this type of interaction.

Monday, April 19, 2004

still wild about my cats 

i saw a friend last night who lives in tucson and we talked briefly about the team, the season and the tourney. i'm still bummed that a team with such talent couldn't pull it together and play. this was a tough year for my wildcats. overall, it was a tough tourney and the fact that they lost in the first round shouldn't still be stinging. but it is. but i need to move on. the new recruits are being prepped and the draft is coming up. so i am going to post a tribute to my wildcats.

From the last-minute win over USC.

my hero. hassan adams.

the man who will return to make the difference.

the upside, is that a quick look at a pre-season poll, AZ is ranked 10th.

also, on a final note. here's a pic of Emeka Okafor, who helped seal my tourney win (i won an office pool) thanks to the Uconn victory.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

what's your comfort food?  

today it is cold, misty and rainy. this is one of my favorite types of days -- waking up to the pitter-patter sounds of raindrops on the roof. i woke up early to visit a friend for breakfast (she made these amazingly yummy waffles) and it was great to talk and catch-up. Friends are so special, and good girl friends are so hard to come by. Then it was back to bed -- another night up too late. When i finally woke up a few hours ago it was still raining, and i was craving comfort food. It got me thinking -- what i think of as comfort food is very reflective of my culture and upbringing. Comfort foods generally tend to be those foods that you associate with home. The funny thing, my comfort food is a dish my mom can't make, nor can i... i suppose i could learn.

I woke up craving idli sambar -- a traditional south indian dish. It's a spicy lentil soup with a steamed rice dumpling. Ever since i was a kid this has been my favorite meal. most of the time when i think of comfort foods in America I think about stews, with buttermilk biscuit tops or tomato soup with a grilled cheese (admittedly one of my favorites as well). And of course there is always macaroni and cheese. But for me, true comfort comes in the form of spicy soup from a culture i grew up in, but never lived in.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

funny things  

i am planning a trip out to dc to visit my friend JB. just thinking about the trip makes me happy (although not happy enough to actually figure out the plane ticket situation, which is complicated because i want to stop in chicago on the way back to visit my best friend). anyways, last night i was thinking about how much fun we'll have and just how silly we can be. and i decided i wanted to get us a pair of really funny goofy sunglasses to wear while we drink mojitos at some bar-deck in the sunshine. right now these sunglasses are my top contenders...if only they has a glitter frame. although these pimp sunglasses (below) are also amusing me.

Monday, April 12, 2004

i love this man  

actually, i think he's just hot. the person who i really adore, is JB. He asked me to revive my blog, so i'm honoring him with a post.

JB. you rock.

To learn more about JB, and his ab-fab sense of humor, click here.

hanging with my peeps  

who knew easter could be so much fun? particularly when 23 people converge on your home and a majority of them are related to you? Well throw in an easter egg hunt, some excellent food, one neurotic mom or two, and you've got a day of fun. Today was one of those days, a quite enjoyable family affair. Mum and i made this excellent egg dish (loads of fontina cheese and eggy wonders and asparagus and red peppers, not to mention sausage and bread. it was yummy!) and even without a holiday curry, things were spiced up with a good lime pickle. And my aunt organized an egg hunt -- with 80+ eggs! and the company was excellent as always. truly lovely.