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Saturday, May 31, 2003

note to self: never wear flip-flops to a nuthouse... 

some days are just great from beginning to end. today was one of those days. breakfast with my girls (Alexia and Brooke). solid meetings. good productivity. star sighting: got to meet gwenyth paltrow and the guys from coldplay (well shared the hallway...) and then hours of good conversation.

the day ended (when the evening began) at La Bodeguita. I love this restaurant. it is my bar. Laura made me their new drink, a KLP. delicious! sweet, creamy and ooooh so potent. If they'll make it for you, this is a must have!

I met three old friends at la bod: nico, ri ri and chris (ben, french where were you? DP: you must get well) there is something special about getting to spend time with boys. they give you perspective. they share insight. they listen to your silly stories of meaningless crushes, they share their stories. they give you the most valuable insights -- without the fluff. without the detail. We talked about women and men. Why do women remember all the details? How long should you wait? is it all a game? YES. it is all strategy. a dance of offense against defense against *coolness*. 5 hours later it is almost 3 a.m. I'm just getting home. i'm tired, i'm happy. sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Friday, May 30, 2003

future all-stars... 

as if child talent shows and modeling contests aren't enough, now 3 year olds are being pegged as future NBA greats? uh-oh. someone's going to need therapy.
either way, this kid is cute as hell.

two fashion disasters before 10 a.m.! 

Jem, the only truly outrageous fashionista of the 80's.

This morning while driving to breakfast I saw a woman wearing acid wash jeans, and they were pegged! she even had a pink scrunchie in her hair. An oversized pink fluffy scrunchie. The worst part: i don't think she was making a tribute to the 80's! such a nightmare.

Then, as i was leaving breakfast, i saw another woman wearing shorts (those long, poofy, linen ones) with penny loafers and short socks. you know the one's that fold over? yup.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Yes, you can "burn rubber" on a bicycle... 

so i'm riding my wonderful *new* trek 2300 road bike's a nice day, sunny, light breeze, late afternoon sunshine. can't be beat really. I'm on one of my favorite routes through los altos hills that ends up on arastredero ... as I'm heading back down arastredero there's a steep incline when you go under the freeway. I'm on this section of the road and i look down at my odometer. SHIT. i'm going 40 -- 40!! -- miles an hour. I ride on average at 14 mph, the fastest i typically go is in the 20's, i've hit the 30's every now and then, but 40! I look up, AAAACK!. I must stop. I must stop in 20 meters. there's an intersection with cars! i'm going to die. I screech on my breaks. My back wheel fish tails (i think to myself, how odd, a bike fishtailing...) and i stop. I'm not dead. yeah! ... then, what's that smell? uh oh. In stopping so quickly i literally burned down a section of my back tire. I can see the threads. oh my. oh my. oh my.

it's all about fake eyelashes and four inch stilettos... 

this was my "do nothing" weekend. in theory i was going to make no plans, but ... things just happned organically which seems a lot less chaotic then my typically over-booked lifestyle. "dinner on weds" "lunch on thurs" -- i guess i've never really recovered from my "lady who lunches" term of unemployment...sigh...

BLT. on sat. i saw "better luck tomorrow" the new MTV produced Justin Lin movie. This movie explores corruption, morality and the challenge smart kids face with the boredom of being, well smart. It's twisted. It has a good sountrack. It gets close enough to the reality of being a "model minority" that its a bit disturbing and even the trite moments (i.e. when they display SAT vocab terms across the screen) can be forgiven because at the end of the day, this is an interesting dark film that people should see. The cast is excellent, the story is good, the film is shot well. GO.

On the other side of the cinematic spectrum is the movie i just got back from: Down with love. This movie is hillarious, sweet and *exactly* what a funny, silly movie based on love in the 60's should be about. Ewan McGregor was perfect as the suave "Catcher Block" and Renee was great as the sassy feminist-man-hater (in her pillbox hat, stilletos and batty eyelashes). For a bit of silliness this is a must see.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

dot. dot. dot.  

some people will always be cause for inspiration. my tribute: try and write a three-dot blog.

Saturday, May 24, 2003


Leon Powe (above).
I just read the Top 100 HS recruits log, and Arizona picked up two of the top 10 (Ndubi Ebi - who we may lose to the NBA and Mustafa Shakur). Excellent work Lute, as always.
CAL got Leon Powe ... as well as Marquis Kately and Ayinde Ubaka AND DeVon Hardin -- all local recruits. I'm really looking forward to watching Leon what do i do with my Stanford Season tickets? CAL is going to be very exciting this year.

I'm bummed that Carmelo Anthony declared early for the NBA draft. It isn't surprising, but he's an exciting player to watch -- after AZ lost this year, he made my tourney experience.

for fun: check out cbs sportsline's pre-season (hey the tourney is only 10 months away) top 25.  

My friend carl is really silly. Here is shameless promotion for him-- easily scraped from his website with love.

I'm like keanu? please... 

You are Neo
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display a perfect fusion of heroism and

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Bloggity Bloggin? 

so awhile ago the company I work for (google) acquired this very cool company, blogger. I've been testing out the services and now i'm posting on my public blog...and of course trying to customize my blog in ways that were probably not intended...
why aren't my titles working? UPDATE: they seem to work now.
but now my archives have disappeared...uh oh...


Nico, Debbie J and I went to a stanford baseball game at the Sunken Diamond tonight after work. It was really fun. Baseball is actually good entertainment and permits good conversation. PLUS they had really cool fireworks at the end of the game...Fireworks are wonderful.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Who do you vote for?  

Right now it looks like one of my favorite people and mentors, Judy Kleinberg, might be running for CA state assembly against my long-time friend and high- school buddy Johnny Carcione. . .