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Sunday, April 29, 2007

whirlwind weekend 

some weekends are just "one of those" weekends -- and this weekend was one of them.

(1) Minnie came to visit! It was just awesome to have her in town and visiting - even if she was here for less than 24 hours. It's just really nice to get to hang out with someone I've known for so long and to get to show them around seattle and all my new habitats.

(2) I got a flat tire on the first leg of the multi-brick workout on Sat. Yep. full on blow-out. We pulled over to the side of the road and luckily i had an extra tire in my bike-pack. Phew. This was the good news. The bad news is that it was the back wheel and changing the tire was hard! Thankfully "jason" -- a friendly seattle rider stopped and helped us switch out the tires and get going. Unfortunately my back tire just wouldn't fully pump up... so i rode it slightly less inflated than ideal back to base camp. I ended up doing 3 of the bike sprints and 3 runs (instead of the 5 I was supposed to do). I really need to focus on triathlon training. Also, see #6.

(3) KT and I went to see "The Queen" -- at this random theatre in northern seattle. I say "northern seattle" because i really have no idea where we went. We were practically in shoreline. But get this -- the movie was only THREE DOLLARS! I didn't know you could see a movie at a non-matinee time slot for under $5. We got some candy which brought the total entertainment bill to $4. I loved it. The movie was good to. But i didn't love it as much as JB or my mum.

(4) My dog got LOST. She's in California with my mum and step dad. Apparently when the meter-guy came by he left the gate open. Cuba, being an escape artist, ran away this morning. My mom called me after they had been looking for her for an hour and couldn't find her. I, uhm, FREAKED out. Seriously. My dog is super precious and losing her -- particularly when I'm so far away -- completely freaked me out. I booked my flights home so i could help with the search -- or be at the hospital should she be injured. Luckily, 4 hours later she was found at the next door neighbors. She'd been hanging out there while the lady tried to figure out who she belonged to. She came back home to us safe and relaxed after her morning adventure. PHEW. Thanks to KT for coming over and consoling me while i was, well, a wreck.

(5) Boys. I finally called one of the 4 boys I've been flirting with and asked him if he had a crush on me or not. This was NOT an easy thing for me to do since, well, I avoid intimacy and vulnerability at all costs. I am also pretty judicious about how i spend my time -- and who i spend my time with -- and this thing had just gone on long enough. Sadly, there's no mutual love-connection. I felt good about the conversation though -- it's important to be up front about one's emotions -- even if they aren't reciprocated. I can definitely relate to this post by eric.

(6) I learned to be true. My bike had been making a sound ever since the blow out. This sound made me nervous. I decided to check it out and made a make shift bike holder to play with the mechanics of my bike and figure out what's going on. Turns out that I seem to have bent my back wheel -- so I now have to get it "re-trued" -- i.e. aligned. *sigh* i love my bike! i am pretty sure with some spoke adjusting it will be just fine, but i'd hate to have to buy a new wheel.

(7) I forgot my dad's birthday. Seriously. And I called him this morning (his-b-day was yesterday) freaking out about the missing micro-mutt (see #4 above) and still completely forgot. I think my family thinks i'm insane.

(8) I realized I'd never survive seattle without KT. Friends are so important, and this girl just rocks. She's been here for me and all my crazy drama this weekend -- with laughter, insight, and just generally being a great friend. I have lots of friends that helped me this weekend -- all of them so special, and some of them such long-time friends (V, JB, kyle). But, it's super nice to have someone local, and I'm lucky to have KT.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

rob lowe 

i love that rob lowe is playing a candidate for president on brothers & sisters. Maybe he should really run for president. the next Reagan!