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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i heart oxi magic! 

On Saturday night I had a few of my new girlfriends over for a slumber party. The plan was to watch cheesy john hughes movies, trade make-up tricks, play truth or dare and crank call boys....but we didn't get to any of that because we ended up drinking and chatting outside the entire evening enjoying the warmish weather and my new patio furniture. It was awesome....until, at about 3 am when we headed in to sleep, I, being particularly gracious, *kicked* over a full glass of red wine spraying red wine all over my new carpet and white bedding. i was horrified then in shock and then, with the aid of my dear friends, leaped to action. Here's what we did:

(1) I poured an entire container of salt over the stain on the carpet. The salt absorbs the wine so it doesn't go into the carpet - this really works!
(2) We then vacuumed up the salt, but the wine was still there. the situation looked dire.
(3) I remembered that a friend who works in the wine industry had recommended oxi magic to me last time i saw her and so i had bought a bottle and kept it in the basement near the laundry. I ran down the stairs and found it and then proceeded to spray it over every red thing in sight.
(4) Put the sheets and bedding into the washer on the Hot/Cold cycle, leaving out softner just in case.

IT WORKED. Every single drop of wine -- including the wine that was on my white bedding -- is gone. I can't believe it. I am honestly shocked. and sooooooo very happy.

Oxi magic is amazing. Go buy some. Go!