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Sunday, February 26, 2006


I am committed to giving up the following for Lent:

1 - no drinking: no wine. no beer. no cosmos.
2 - no desserts: no cookies, no chocolate, none of that yummy gooey sweetness.

may the lord help me!

Update 2/27/06:

Julie and I went to dinner at Five Points - and met this lovely older man who eats out in NYC every night! We asked him how he does it and he said:
- no rice
- no potato
- no bread

So, in that spirit, i'm adding these three items to my "given up for Lent" list.

Monday, February 06, 2006

happy 85th grandma! 

My grandmother turned 85 today! and she's still cooking up trouble! My sister and i both sent her birthday greetings (well my sis sent her's first and reminded me to send mine!). Here's the screen captures:
#1 - Sheila (pic via isight?)

#2 - Me (sent via MSN Messenger, i went the full video interactive route -- to which my grandma said "oh but sheila sent me a picture" and i said "but i'm talking to you LIVE!")

Since my mom is the big blogger these should probably check out her blog for the updates: (aka moi and mine)...

note: <-- picture not taken by ichat removed 2/7/06 per comment below, and re-posted w/ permision per eml and updated as possibly from isight-->