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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

home (in CA) for 39 hours 

i'm in the midst of a travel whirl...LAX-SFO-SEA-ORD-SEA-LVS-SEA-SFO-SEA... and I just got to my mum's house in Mountain View. There is something so special and wonderful about coming home that reminds me that (a) I am so very much a californian at heart and (b) that i love my mum's home.

Perhaps it is that I walk into the house and get covered in enthusiastic kisses from the world's best dog -- Brizzie -- and then get treated with vague indifferency by MY cat (tuvi). But i think it is more the comfort and that special feeling of being somewhere so familiar, so loved that reminds me how good life is and just how lucky I am. Plus, I just love my mum's house -- there's always something new (they are constantly remodeling and changing things about) and yet the place is always the same to me. There's never food in the fridge that I would choose to eat, yet there are always yummy leftovers to nibble on. The plants are always alive and thriving and getting special mum-care. The computer always has a new virus that needs to be dealt with. Walking down the great hall I see memories, friends and family. It makes me all warm inside. Even though I am home for such a brief time, and with a packed schedule, i feel rested just being here. awwww.