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Saturday, May 24, 2003


Leon Powe (above).
I just read the Top 100 HS recruits log, and Arizona picked up two of the top 10 (Ndubi Ebi - who we may lose to the NBA and Mustafa Shakur). Excellent work Lute, as always.
CAL got Leon Powe ... as well as Marquis Kately and Ayinde Ubaka AND DeVon Hardin -- all local recruits. I'm really looking forward to watching Leon what do i do with my Stanford Season tickets? CAL is going to be very exciting this year.

I'm bummed that Carmelo Anthony declared early for the NBA draft. It isn't surprising, but he's an exciting player to watch -- after AZ lost this year, he made my tourney experience.

for fun: check out cbs sportsline's pre-season (hey the tourney is only 10 months away) top 25.