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Thursday, April 22, 2004

nature in action  

i thought it was interesting that in the latest edition of nature they are talking about the first mice born from maternal DNA (not everyone needs a dad) AND the science of internet dating.

the mice thing is kinda freaky. as the article says, "From time immemorial, making a mammalian baby has involved two essential ingredients: eggs and sperm." Of course, it took many failures to get these maternal mice. But i liked this quote, "Some might say that Kaguya [the mouse] is living proof of men's futility, in the baby-making stakes at least." I don't think men will become irrelevent, they are just too much fun to have around. But, in the case of that's a whole different story ;-)

To read the entire article click here.

On the other side, the internet dating article wasn't as interesting as i expected. "The analysis, revealed intriguing differences between real-life romance and the virtual version. In normal friendships and courting, for example, people tend to gravitate towards their own type; like movie stars, popular folk hang out with other well-liked friends or lovers. .... in an online environment, well-connected people are less selective."[1]

and that's supposed to encourage one to date online? less selectivity? that seems like the downside of this type of interaction.