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Monday, April 19, 2004

still wild about my cats 

i saw a friend last night who lives in tucson and we talked briefly about the team, the season and the tourney. i'm still bummed that a team with such talent couldn't pull it together and play. this was a tough year for my wildcats. overall, it was a tough tourney and the fact that they lost in the first round shouldn't still be stinging. but it is. but i need to move on. the new recruits are being prepped and the draft is coming up. so i am going to post a tribute to my wildcats.

From the last-minute win over USC.

my hero. hassan adams.

the man who will return to make the difference.

the upside, is that a quick look at a pre-season poll, AZ is ranked 10th.

also, on a final note. here's a pic of Emeka Okafor, who helped seal my tourney win (i won an office pool) thanks to the Uconn victory.