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Sunday, April 18, 2004

what's your comfort food?  

today it is cold, misty and rainy. this is one of my favorite types of days -- waking up to the pitter-patter sounds of raindrops on the roof. i woke up early to visit a friend for breakfast (she made these amazingly yummy waffles) and it was great to talk and catch-up. Friends are so special, and good girl friends are so hard to come by. Then it was back to bed -- another night up too late. When i finally woke up a few hours ago it was still raining, and i was craving comfort food. It got me thinking -- what i think of as comfort food is very reflective of my culture and upbringing. Comfort foods generally tend to be those foods that you associate with home. The funny thing, my comfort food is a dish my mom can't make, nor can i... i suppose i could learn.

I woke up craving idli sambar -- a traditional south indian dish. It's a spicy lentil soup with a steamed rice dumpling. Ever since i was a kid this has been my favorite meal. most of the time when i think of comfort foods in America I think about stews, with buttermilk biscuit tops or tomato soup with a grilled cheese (admittedly one of my favorites as well). And of course there is always macaroni and cheese. But for me, true comfort comes in the form of spicy soup from a culture i grew up in, but never lived in.