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Saturday, July 10, 2004

before sunset 

Photo: 2004 Warner Independent Pictures. All rights reserved.

Last weekend I saw the sequel to Before Sunrise. It was a lovely film that reminded me of my days in Paris when I was in love. The movie brings together lovers who had one night together in Vienna 9 years before. It talks about those moments when you meet someone and share something special, but are too young and naive to realize how special and unique that feeling is. LD and I had this star-crossed love (literally star-crossed given his occupation)...and only a week after I met him he left to work for the ESA. We just had this sweet, simple uncomplicated, dictionary-assisted connection to each other. Unfortunately, I was too distracted with this big, emotional roller coaster that i was on with my then ex-boyfriend to stop and realize how special he was. Seeing this movie made me nostaligic for those sweet times we had in paris, and made me wonder how i could be so easily distracted by anything else.