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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

rive gauche 

We celebrated Bastille Day tonight at The Left Bank on Santa Row. It was a fun night, highlighted by live music at the bar...we expected the music to be French, but somehow Volare kept making it into their playlist.

Speaking of music, I've recently been addicted to Apple iTunes (clearly I'm not always the early adopter i like to imagine myself as). Anyways, as a result I've "discovered" three new bands that i adore:
Autour de Lucie
The Streets. This guy is freaking hillarious.

Update (7/18/04): One of the Streets songs that just cracks me up is "It was supposed to be so easy". Click here for the lyrics. Below is a snippet from the chorus that is just plain great:

Today I've achieved absolutely nought
In just being out of the house, I've lost out
If I wanted to end up with more now
I should've just stayed in bed, like I know how