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Friday, August 06, 2004

exploring the deep sea 

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i am often puzzled by the fact that we know more about space then we do about the deep sea. Obviously space is the greatest unknown frontier -- it is just an immense area of the unknown and there's the whole possibility of *aliens.* Yet, the deep sea holds a world that we know relatively little about -- we've been to the moon, and now mars and now traveling around Saturn.. but we haven't even been to the bottom of the ocean! Earth's oceans, which cover three-fourths of the planet, harbor most of its life - i'd like to get to know that life. I really wish we would focus significantly more resources on this type of exploration. I was pleased to see an article from Wired today discussing the Census of Marine Life project -- a $1 Billion, 10 year exploration of the deep sea. They've discovered some interesting, never before seen creatures that are delightful -- and creepy. Even so, this $1B budget pales in comparison to the US's spending of $86B on space exploration.