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Saturday, August 28, 2004

i love kinko's! 

i have been running around today preparing for burning man. it's been craziness - but i am totally loving it. i made signs for our camp the other day, and now i'm feeling crafty...sooo... i decided to create a reflective tent-cover in the hopes of keeping my tent cool... in order to make this tent i am piecing together silver-mylar emergency blankets -- which posed a problem. how can i keep the corners down and secure? my solution - add grommets to the corners so i can tie rope through the grommet and secure the tent. with this agenda in mind, i went about gathering grommet materials...and bought a home grommeting kit. oh my. grommeting is NOT easy work, in fact, it's really freaking painful to hand-punch a grommet. step-dad brilliantly says, "you know, kinko's has a sign-making shop and they put grommets on their signs."....oh oh oh. so i called kinko's and asked if i could have grommets put onto my mylar sheets and they said yes! i just got back -- and the grommets are lovely. i am so happy.

on another note, i learned today that walmart sells live pet fish. ick. that store is utter craziness, i much prefer target.