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Saturday, August 14, 2004

silly jokes and surfing 

Photo Credit: Bolinas Surf Lessons & 2 Mile Surf Shop

Today, and it isn't even over, has been amazingly wonderful. I woke up way to early this morning, and on a whim, decided to accompany my friend Minnie on her surfing adventure in Balinas. I originally planned to just come and observe, i wasn't so sure about the whole getting wet thing...but in the end i decided to surf. it was AMAZING. true fun is had in the water on the board seeking the next wave. Add to this new wonder great, silly friends and the day can be nothing but golden sunshine even when it is overcast. After spending the morning out in the waves (well, er, they were little learner waves) we headed out for a much needed lunch of oysters, beer and lots more amusement. A highlight of the day was the joke below - crafted by laura. I thought this 5-part joke series was just hilarious.

You need to read this out loud.

Part I:
So there's a boy mushroom and a girl mushroom...and the boy mushroom asks the girl mushroom to the dance on friday. She says no. and he said, why not? i'm a fungi.

Part II:
So the boy mushroom asks the girl mushroom out again the next week, and this time she says "yes." Then, he asks her out the next week and she says "no." He asks her out again and she says "yes." The next time he asks her out she says "no." And then, finally, he's had enough and he tells her, "I've had enough of your spore-ratic behaviour. "

Part IV:
So the girl mushroom thinks she wants to give this boy mushroom a chance afterall. So she says to him, "I think i've taken a lichen to you."

Part IV:
So the girl mushroom decides to ask the boy mushroom out on a date. She asks him out to the movies... and he says, "mildew."

Part V:
So they're at the movies, and the boy mushroom's not being a nice mushroom. He's throwing popcorn and just being wily. The girl mushroom doesn't like it and tells him so. He says to her, "maybe you'll appreciate me when your mold-er."

(Credit goes to Laura.)