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Friday, August 06, 2004

things that make me happy 

my life is a bit stressful right now, but there are a few things making me very happy:

(1) I am going to echo lake today for the weekend. It's echo lake day tomorrow -- think log rolling competitions, minnow races and bbq. I can't wait. summer really is the best time of year.

(2) My etymotic research headphones are amazing. I flew back from seattle and was unfortunately given a seat right next to the wing-engine. it was loud and horrible, but i turned on my iPod and plugged in my etymotic headphones and voila - i was engine-sound free. noise isolation really does work, and the results are fabulous -- i was able to concentrate and read freely, and sleep was easy as pie.

(3) My family is hilarious. There's just a wonderful comfort to them and even though i'm partially rejecting them as I cope, their sincere support and humour has been wonderful.

(4) A post by eric on his blog reminded me that, "this too shall pass."

(5) Random Bits: milky tea, fresh corn salad, old friends and good wine.