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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

my boys 

For the last year, I've led semi-weeekly roundtable sessions at the East Palo Alto Charter School through my work with the Junior League. Spending time with the boys has been an amazing experience - I think i've learned as much from them as they from me. Today was my last session. We talked a lot about why I'm moving, tackling opportunities and facing diversity. I was impressed with all of them -- even with their constant chatter, it really showed how much they have grown in the last year. Of course, now they are 8th graders so they have the run of the school -- and we talked a bit about what that means and the responsibility that comes with it. We also recapped the year, and came up with these takeaways:
(1) Don't react / overeact. (brush your shoulders off)
(2) Take care of yourself.
(3) Be kind to each other.
(4) Focus on success. Livestrong.

All things I'll certainly take with me as i head into this next adventure. I'll miss my boys!