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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

baby, it's cold outside... 

it's really cold in seattle. in fact, it is snowing at low altitudes. i know this because the "pass" is closed, which according to seattlites means it is officially winter. I have no idea what "the pass" is... but it definitely feels like winter.

i tried to complain about how cold it is out here to my friends in CA, but it didn't work. Apparently it hit 30 degrees today in the bay area. Since no one out there actually owns a sweater or warm socks, my bet is that they are, perhaps, even colder than i was (was: i am now inside and the heat in my corporate-subsidized apartment is at a number too high for print. let it just be said that i am now *toasty* and i'm wearing flip-flops....)

because i was cold, i ate soup for dinner. not just any soup, but my favorite tomato soup:

yumm... it is cream of tomato, but there's really not a lot of cream. It's 100 calories per serving and has a nice, fresh tomato-y taste. I get mine at Whole Foods.