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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I had dinner tonight at La Bodeguita with my friends Alexia, Dulcy & Pat. It was such fun to hang with the girls. We talked about everything from laser hair removal (a must for modern women) to the perils of dating to good shoes and good wine. Nights like these -- deep conversation, laughter at every moment -- are just impossible to replicate and make me miss my friends so much. Friendship is so precious.

This trip has just been chock-full of warm fuzzies. Had a wonderful breakfast this morning with Amit -- we had a good conversation about how to create happiness. Saw JB this afternoon. Talked to Brooke last night and caught up with her and her new life as a mom. Tomorrow I'll get in some time with the boys -- lunch with nico and riyad, dinner with kyle...and then the week continues...

I really am so lucky.