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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

so my mum does read my blog... 

i got this e-mail from my mum today:

To: natala
From: mom
Date: 4/11/05
Subject: hmm...

Tala: exactly what does this mean? You don't want me to come up any more? You do want me to come but...

"I love LOVE having guests (my mum was just here and it was great, except for when i brought up my feelings around "persistent vegitative states") ... but it will be nice to have an empty house for a little while."--Natala's blog

do you mean the persistent vegitative state of your refridgerator?

i sometimes forget how funny mum can be. i called her tonight and we had a nice, brief chat where she updated me on the going's on of her favorite son (aka the dog, Brizzie). I swear i've been completely replaced by this pet.

updates / things i've been thinking about:
- i'm dealing OK with Arizona's loss in the Elite Eight. I'm truly happy that UNC won it all. I can't stand a team who wears orange and has a mascot called the "fighting illini" -- please that is almost as bad as the tree.
- How did i forget that Patrick Dempsey was soo cute? he's the new carter! and the show (gray's anatomy) is good too. i never knew you could donate your eyeballs and your skin. neat stuff.
- my taxes are being sent out tomorrow. wow, i've never been done in advance! woohoo for accountants.
- the pope died. it is sad, i liked the pope (even though i disagree with him on many things, esp. contraception-- afterall didn't the catholics invent the rhythm method?).
- my diet is going well, but i've got an infection (unrelated to diet) this week and the meds have turned me into an insomniac. this does not make me more productive unfortunately.
- i really enjoyed this article on Man Dates by the NYT.
- i've been a wee-bit homesick this week. i'm debating if this means i need to take a trip home to CA or suffer a bit longer to see what the homesickness matures into. Moving is interesting, i've been really challenged to go outside my comfort zone on a more regular basis -- meeting new people, trying things out that i probably wouldn't do...etc. Finding good friends in a new place is much, much harder than i expected. I'm a pretty friendly person (and i like to think i'm personable and interesting...ha!), but it seems to me that seattle folks are more closed-off than San Francisco folks and keep to relatively tight circles. As a result, I've noticed that i'm taking an intellectual (i.e. i'm overanalyzing things) approach to social situations. I'm more interested in the dynamics of how people interact with each other than I am in actually joining in the interactions. Perhaps this is because, feeling out of my comfort zone, i'm being a bit more reclusive? hmmm. I definitely find that i miss intimacy, that connection you have with people who know you, and appreciate your quirky neurosis. thank god for cell phones and e-mail. these are two critical links that keep me connected to friends and family.