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Thursday, February 01, 2007

i heart my 1997 honda civic 

In November 1996 I bought (with help from my dad) my first brand new car. A 1997 Honda Civic EX Sedan. Flash-forward 10+ years and here I am with the same car, now with over 175,000 miles! I've been trying to decide what to do with my car lately... as every now and then those shiny new Volvo CX 90's and those Audi A6's just seem damn appealing...

The Pro's:
- it's paid for, the only costs are maintenance (oil changes, new tires and brakes as needed).
- it's mostly fuel efficient. On average about 27 mpg.
- it's silver. i named it firefly.
- it already has a few bumps and scratches so when a new one comes along...
- it has history. roadtrips roadtrips roadtrips.

The Con's:
- no seat warmers
- that little rattling noise in the air conditioning (but i could fix it!)
- it's not "cool" in terms of style but it's "respectable" in terms of value.
- it's not exactly a speed demon (which is probably good as one speeding ticket is enough)

After careful consideration, I've decided to recommit to my car for at least another year. I'm tempted to commit to getting us to 200,000 miles. But right now, I realize i have too many things to figure out beyond my vehicle so i'm just saying, this will work for another year.

Updated: Yes, I meant November 1996...oh how time flies!